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Renewable Energy Solar

The EML product offering allows for advanced technologies suitable for use in urban and remote locations. The systems are designed to be economical, reliable and suited to end users such as homes, schools, clinics, vilages and farms. They can be especially useful for telephone systems and radio relay stations.

Sun at work solar

Power Protection And Security

Be prepared for power cuts and surges. By installing uninterruptable (UPS) systems and associated surge protection. It will ensure you remain independent from the power grid during power outages and will help protect your costly electronic equipment during system surges. The systems offered are user friendly and reliable.

Solar panels 

Recent Projects And Solutions

Our professional team is trained and euipped to install customized systems for all applications. The following are some of our recent solar installlations.

  • 100 Solar home systems in Nyimba
  • 150 Solar home systems in Lundazi
  • Over 30 rural Health Centres 
  • Over 50 primary schools
Solar on roof
Optimal performance requires careful planning, load sizing, a suitable installation site and professional installation. For example modules that are not orientated toward the sun at the correct angle will produce an inferior power output. In general the correct angle is equal to the site's latitude plus 20° facing north in southern latitudes.

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Every solar installation is unique. Our technical team has the training and expertise to answer questions from the ideal angle of modules to the professionaly installed wiring configuration.

Solar System Diagramsolar house

The Best Sollutions For A Better Environment In Zambia

Harnessing the sun's energy to power your equipment reduces fuel bills, noise or costly maintenance. Solar solutions are the most practical alternative for millions of people.  

Solar accessories