EMLT: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975T: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975

EISM: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596M: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596

Medium Voltage Projects

Ndola Energy HFO 50 MW Power Plant

Ndola Energy

















This project led to the improvement of voltage stability in the Ndola area. Work was predominantly installation only and comprised 15 of 11kV Schneider MCSET panels and 8 of ABB GIS 33kV panels. The installation is the renowned Wartsila design consisting of 6 of 8.8MW turbo generators which generate their power at 11kV feeding the Schneider incomers through to 2 of Bharat Bijlee 60MVA 11/33kV step up transformers before transmitting the power to Zesco on OHL's at 33kV to Skyways substation in Ndola. 

KCM Supply of 11 kV Power From Stadium Substation To The New East / West Mills At The Nchanga Site.

KCM station















At the core of this project was the installation and commissioning of ABB panels and 11 kV cables. Installation comprised 10 of Unigear ABB 4,000A double busbar panels and 8x240mm 11kV XLPE cable through some road crossings into the plant from Stadium substation controlled by CEC. The project was completed in record time within a six month period.