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EML Installed Solar PV Equipment in ART Health Clinics

On Behalf Of The United Nations Development Program (UNDP), The Ministry of Health In Zambia and In Conjunction with Phaesun Germany

Solar PV PanelsSolar PV Panels

UNDP is supporting the Ministry of Health in Zambia to supply a network of free, state of the art, modular prefabricated antiretroviral treatment (ART) health clinics across the entire country and facilitate lifesaving healthcare to HIV patients. 

A small number of these ART clinics are in remote areas without electrical grid connectivity.


Within this context a contract was awarded to a partnership between Phaesun of Germany and EML for the provision of solar PV systems to generate the energy required for Kazembe clinic in Lundazi district, Eastern province, Mpepo clinic in Mpika district, Muchinga province and Mulekatembo in Mafinga district, Muchinga province.

Phaesun was selected as the awarded supplier to operate with EML as the representative whom has the duty to install the solar equipment and provide any required warranty, maintenance, after sales and repair services.