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EML Has The Latest CAD Systems For Making Advanced Panels

The Automatic Emergency Power Supply Panel For Ndola Lime Company Ltd

automatic emergency power supply panel

The factory in Lusaka recently completed this fully automated panel. It manages the safe supply of backup power fed from the diesel generator:

Incomer: 2000 amps motorised 3WL ACB-SIEMENS
Equipped with power analyser to give output (4-20mA) to PLC

Top tier: 800 amps motorised 3WL ACBs.
These ACBs will be controlled by remote PLC.

Bottom tier: 5 x automatic changeover switches. Each COS equipped with 2 x 3WL 630 amps ACBs and SENTRON ATC 5300 controller.

Computer Aided Design Manufacturing (CAD)

The factory recently purchased a brand new Turrent Punching machine. Its wide choice of tools are automatically switched out of the rotary head. This improves safety for the operators and allows for efficiency and quality improvements. Plans and instructions are programmed using the CAD design software.