EMLT: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975T: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975

EISM: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596M: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596

The Mobile X-ray Mobilett Mira Max by Siemens

Mobilett Mira Max in ZambiaMobilett Mira Max in Lusaka
The above Mobilett Mira Max is pictured at a hosptial in Zambia. Expertly serviced by the EML team of specialists.
  • The best for intensive care units and emergency wards.
  • Fully digital mobile X-ray machine.
  • Effortless and fast workflow.  
  • Excellent image quality.
Patient waiting for treatment on the Mobilett Mira Max
Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and emergency wards are highly demanding areas in medical care where correct and speedy treatment decisions rank as some of the highest priorities in hospitals. The best technology is crucial to make work easier and above all achieve the best outcome for all patients.
The Mobilett Mira Maxi comprises a powerful generator and MAX detectors for outstanding image quality in seconds.
The Mobilett Mira Maxi is designed with product excellence and flexibility in mind. This fully digital mobile X-ray machine helps speed up the examination workflow. 

The range of motion for the Mobilett Mira MaxNurse standing by the Mobilett Mira Max
This popular design is tried and tested. It's flexible to meet your challenges with exceptional arm range and precise movements
MAX image quality in every situation, low-weight MAX detectors and high imaging power. Bringing you MAX Multiple Advances in X-ray.
The unit is always ready to assist you thanks to a unique charging concept and multiple detector swapping options.
Doctor using mobilett mira max