EMLT: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975T: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975

EISM: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596M: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596

World Class Medical Technology

The Latest Medical Technology, Fast And Professional Service Support.

We bring to your doorstep the innovation, quality and reliability that Siemens is renown for throughout the world. Use our expert technical service support to protect your investment and ensure continued optimum performance. We can arrange training upon request.

We have long record of representing an extensive product range and offering professional service support in Zambia over several decades. We also offer support for Siemens Medical products installed in the southern part of DRC (Lubumbashi Area).

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Computer Tomography

EML Computer Tomography

Direct Radiography Imaging Systems

multix fusion

Medical Digitiser

Afga Digitiser

Mobile X-Ray Mobilett Mira Max

EML Mobilett Mira Max