EMLT: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975T: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975

EISM: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596M: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596

Medical Digitiser by Afga


Radiology practices and departments are increasingly going from traditional analog radiography x-ray films or screens to new digital technologies.

Afga digitiser sample

This move is motivated by the following factors:

  • High cost of chemicals
  • High cost of maintaining a film processor
  • Need of a separate dark room
  • Environmental impact of chemicals
  • Limited space for archiving films

EML is helping digitise radiology departments by offering the two existing technologies.


Afga Digitiser

Should your practice face budget constraints and you would like to use existing x-ray machines we offer CR solutions by Agfa for general radiography and mammography. With Agfa digitisers radiology departments will take advantage of the following benefits:

  • More consistent image quality
  • More affordable solutions to go digital using the existing infrastructure
  • Less dependency on exposure factors or dark room machinery
  • Distribution of images to other remote locations (including digital archiving)
  • Post processing of  images to suit individual requirements


New digital systems using flat detectors (solid slate detector) are increasingly replacing conventional film–screen systems for radiography, fluoroscopy and angiography. We offer a complete range of solutions by Siemens Healthcare.

DR Technologies offer faster speeds, improved workflow and increased productivity to imaging departments.