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Direct Radiography

SiemensDirect Radiography

Multix Fusion

Multix fusion

The brand-new Multix Fusion solves the challenge of meeting your needs within your budget. It fits your needs regarding ease of use, image quality, dose reduction, efficiency, speed, and Versatility – with the excellence you expect from Siemens.

It fits your budget in terms of total cost of ownership, patient throughput, and return on investment.

Multix Fusion is designed for routine radiography and can be tailored to your requirements, today and in the future. Analog or digital, with an upgrade path to digitize whenever you decide. In short, it’s an investment that fits. 

Whether table, tube, bucky wall stand, imaging software or detector, high-end components make a difference in productivity, patient-friendliness, and dose reduction. Multix Fusion is comfortable to maneuver, so you can easily position your patients – or even better, just take the detector to where your patients are.

A true Siemens solution, Multix Fusion provides excellent image quality values, further improved by advanced post-processing tools. Last but not least, it fits your efficiency needs, thanks to fast exams and full digital integration.

Multix Select DR

Multix selectmultix select2

Multix Select DR lets you discover its advantages – filmless, fast, and flexible – at a price you might not have expected. Day after day, you will experience superior availability, image quality, and dose reduction over a wide range of exams.

Beyond robust design, selected components from Siemens’ high-end product range make an extra-difference (without extra costs). So if you’re planning on taking the digital leap now, don’t put up with less.

For the first time, you will have a day without the hassle of film and cramped archives. For the first time, it will take just 9 seconds to view an image. And for the first time, you have access to an economical high-quality digital system.

Multix select3

Yes, Multix Select DR is the first choice for every day with its intuitive user interface and advanced image processing. It’s the first choice for your patients and a wide spectrum of examinations.  And using selected technologies from Siemens’ top-of the-line X-ray products; it simply reflects first choice in every way.