EMLT: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975T: 211 227824-7 M: 0977 641010 / 0967 731975

EISM: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596M: 0955 228077 / 0974 228077 / 0965 108596

Computer Tomography CT scan

SiemensSomatom Emotion

somatom emotion2

  • 6 slice and 16 slice configurations
  • Great versatility and high performance
  • Innovative and dose-saving features such as IRIS, CARE, Dose4D and DoseMAP
  • The best image quality at the lowest possible dose

Siemens’ customer-focused philosophy has always been to continually integrate cutting-edge imaging applications into daily clinical routine, providing high quality patient care while simultaneously lowering costs. And the success of this philosophy is easily recognizable: More than 5,000 satisfied and knowledgeable customers have purchased the SOMATOM® Emotion, making it the world’s most popular CT scanner. This should be no surprise to medical professionals. After all, Siemens has been a leader in CT innovation since 1974.

The New CT Scanner, Lusaka Trust Hospital

CT Lusaka Trust

We are now continuing this unparalleled success story in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing healthcare market. While patients continue to expect higher diagnostic accuracy, healthcare institutions and physicians are being forced to reduce time to diagnosis and unnecessary hospitalization. To meet these and tomorrow’s demands for higher quality and cost-efficient healthcare, Siemens developed the new SOMATOM Emotion. With both 6-slice and 16-slice configurations outfitted with the newest technological advances, CT scanning has never before been so efficient and pleasurable. You can expect, and will receive, high-end imaging performance from an unbelievably compact scanner that can continuously protect your investment. If you are a radiologist, technologist, or financial administrator, you will enjoy knowing that you own the world‘s most popular CT scanner.