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About Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd

EML 50 anniversary

Why Clients Chose EML

Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd (EML) meets the need for a competitive and diverse range of electrical engineering products and services for the retail and wholesale markets in Zambia. We meet the requirements of the electrical industry from our Lusaka and Kitwe offices. CEO George Narder points out, "EML is the most diversified electrical and electronic engineering company in Zambia. Today we retail more product lines than any other comparable competitor based on providing reliable, high-quality service. We work with the best international brands to offer an outstanding range of quality products."
As most of our clients appreciate we are involved in the retail and wholesale all manner of quality products for the electrical industry. We manufacture in Lusaka; custom designed power-distribution and control panels, select light fittings, feeder pillars and light poles. Our engineers design and install electrical systems for; buildings and industrial plants, photo-voltaic solar applications, supply and service diagnostic healthcare medical equipment, and PABX and DECT communication devices. 
Mr Narder receives the award as Commander from the President of Italy.

Mr. George Narder

Mr. George Narder arrived in Zambia on 10 February 1963 from Switzerland for a testing and commissioning assignment on the Kariba Power Station. Afterwards he chose to stay in the country in view of the forthcoming independence and the possibility of expansion.
Prior to arriving in Zambia, Mr. G. Narder was in Dottikon AG for six years working for Fisher Söhne Machinen Fabrik and later Gutor Verteil Anlagen, which moved to Lenzburg AG and became part of Brown Boveri.
Mr. G. Narder has a mechanical and electrical engineering background. He trained and qualified in northern Italy and had further training in Switzerland.
Mr. G. Narder married in 1965 to a lady from Northern Italy he met in Dottikon AG, Switzerland and both have lived in Lusaka since that time.
Mr. and Mrs. Narder have three children: two daughters and one son, all of whom graduated in England.
Mr. and Mrs. Narder are highly involved in the daily management of their companies in Zambia. Mrs. Narder is the head of administration and personnel. Mr. G. Narder is the head of business functions including marketing, production, services etc.
In 2010 Mr. Narder received the title of Commendatore from the President of Italy. The prestigious order of merit reflects good works in the community and industry. 
Until recently Mr. Narder was one of the longest serving Honorary Swiss Consuls since records began. The voluntary role exceeded the maximum length of service permitted and facilitated the supervision of many successful projects in Zambia. 


EML began in 1964. The Company was incorporated in 1965; both Mr and Mrs Narder being shareholders. EML focused on electrical contracting, services and maintenance. It has expanded over the years. At its peak it had over 600 employees.
Today EML has around 300 employees. Its main activities are retail and wholesale of all manner of quality products for the electrical industry; the manufacture of standard and custom designed power distribution and control panels; manufacture of select light fittings; electrical design and complete power reticulation of buildings; electrical installation and maintenance of industrial plants; design and installation of photo-voltaic solar applications; supply and maintenance diagnostic healthcare equipment; PABX and DECT communication devices.
Some of the major areas of commercial activity include:
  1. Shopping centres
  2. Fuel stations
  3. Banking institutions
  4. Apartment complexes
  5. Panel construction

Professional Membership

The company is a proud member of the following professional bodies in Zambia.
Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ)
Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM)
National Council for Construction (NCC)
Engineers Registration Board (ERB)


The Sterling Steel factory is a well established and fully equipped unit. It is situated in Luanshya Road, Lusaka, with a total staff of approximately 45 employees. Under competent management, we design and manufacture industrial and domestic light fittings, distribution and meter boards; control boards; LV panels; Power Factor Correction and MCC panels; street lighting; feeder pillars and various items custom designed to customer specification.
Our manufacturing facility is called Sterling Steel and comprises the following departments:
  • CAD design facility;
  • Tool Room with lathes, shapers, power saws, surface grinder and milling machines for the preparation of dyes for the presses and machine maintenance;
  • Production Area with CNC punching machine, 100 ton press brake guillotine, for cutting and bending steel sheets up to 4m wide and 10mm thick, fully equipped welding shop, a powder coating and wet spray painting area with drying oven, etc. Assembly, commissioning and packaging areas.

Electrical Workshop

This is the repair workshop with about 10 competent employees under the management of a very experienced electrical engineer. Here we do armature and stator rewinding; electrical motor and pump repairs; farming and domestic switch panel assembly and wiring; and similar services.


From 1965 EML operated as an electrical contractor for major construction and maintenance projects. EML is today associated with trusted reliability, quality and service excellence in the field of electrical construction. It has a very well established and reputable brand name. The contracts department has grown and EML is a  leader in electrical construction.
The contracts department employs qualified and experienced personnel, comprising a sizeable force of skilled technicians, craftsmen, electrical foremen, and supervisors.
The company has adequate available resources of plant and machinery, a fleet of heavy and light trucks, including the facility of 3.2 Ton mobile crane, as well as single and double cab pickups.
machinery machinery

Retail and Wholesale Stockists

EML provides quality electrical products to the retail and wholesale trade in Zambia. Our comprehensively stocked store has over 10.000 line items. The 10 staff of our Lusaka Sales Counter, with integrated showroom, handle over 1.000 sales per month. In order to compete favourably EML’s philosophy over the years has been to procure product directly at source, with obvious benefits to the customer. The concept is supported by an excellent supply chain process from procurement, import logistics, to warehousing.

Commercial and Marketing Departments

The Commercial and Marketing departments have an experienced team whom spend a considerable time in the field and on the road visiting customers. They provide technical support, advice and problem resolution. Their significant experience enables them to provide the client with best customer service and value.